Opportunity to become a Campus Ambassador.

Opportunity: We are pleased to offer you the opportunity to become a Campus Ambassador.

Abhidhvaj Law Journal is an E-law journal, ISSN: 2583-6323 (Online), CODEN: ALJBBQ, [Indexed at J-GATE, Manupatra, Google Scholar & more than 10+ Databases]. Abhidhvaj Law Journal is a prestigious and well-respected publication in the legal community, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence.

*What is Campus Ambassadorship?*
Campus Ambassadorship Opportunities provide students with a remarkable avenue to gain real-world experience while representing our esteemed brand on their college campus. These roles empower students to cultivate essential skills such as marketing, networking, and leadership, all while enhancing their resumes. It’s a mutually beneficial partnership, as companies benefit from authentic peer-to-peer promotion and gain valuable insights from students. Explore these opportunities to jumpstart your career and make a significant impact on your campus!

*Responsibilities (Duration: 3 Months, Work: Flexible):*
1. Promote Abhidhvaj Law Journal within your university/college.
2. Actively endorse and support our events on a personal basis.
3. Encourage your friends and peers to participate in Abhidhvaj Law Journal by submitting their manuscripts.

*Benefits of Becoming a Campus Ambassador:*
1. Letter of Recommendation
2. Certificate of Completion
3. Free publication of 3 blogs, valued at ₹2100 Indian rupees for a single author.
4. Complimentary access to courses, webinars, and more.
5. Earn a 13% commission on deals related to ALJ participation or submissions.
6. Gain premium resources support like SCC, J-GATE, Delnet, etc., for your research and development work.
7. Receive guidance from 2 Judicial members in the Council Committee of Abhidhvaj Law Journal.
8. Most importantly, you’ll proudly carry the Abhidhvaj Law Journal affiliation with your name.
9. For those who demonstrate dedication, the opportunity to transition to a salaried role at the Editor ranks.

Eligibility: BALLB, BBALLB, LLB, LL.M, PHD Candidates can apply.

*Why You Should Consider This Opportunity:*
1. *Prestigious Reputation:* Abhidhvaj Law Journal’s distinguished standing in the legal community for academic excellence enhances your professional profile and credibility.

2. *Valuable Networking:* Joining us opens doors to connect with legal scholars, professionals, and like-minded peers, paving the way for potential collaborations and career prospects.

3. *Skill Development:* You will have a platform to refine your legal research, writing, and analytical skills, which are invaluable for both students and professionals in the field.

4. *Research Opportunities:* Access a wide range of legal research topics and resources to deepen your understanding of the legal landscape and stay updated with current trends.

5. *Publication Opportunities:* Your work will be recognized and shared through Abhidhvaj Law Journal’s wide-reaching databases, bolstering your portfolio for future career endeavors.

6. *Contributing to Legal Scholarship:* Your contributions will contribute to the advancement of legal knowledge, impacting legal discourse and benefiting the wider legal community.

In conclusion, embracing this opportunity under the mentorship of Abhidhvaj Law Journal is a remarkable way to enhance your professional standing, develop essential skills, build valuable networks, and contribute meaningfully to the legal field.

To apply, submit your application to [email protected].

Be happy and stay blessed as you embark on this exciting journey with us.