Copyright Policy

We only accept the original submission that has not been previously published or submitted for publication. The author must ensure that their works do not infringe on others’ rights or contain any illegal statements. Abhidhvaj Law Journal retains the copyright to the published manuscript.

In the case of a multi-authored publication /the corresponding author must acquire written permission from all the co-authors to enter into an agreement and assign copyright and all co-authors must read and agree to the preceding warranties and authorization.
The Abhidhvaj Law Journal will have sole authority to publish the manuscript in the journal or through any other means, with editorial changes as needed to make it eligible for publications.
Furthermore, any manuscripts written during the internship time for publishing in the abhidhvaj law journal will be the sole intellectual property of the abhidhvaj law journal, with the exclusive rights to utilize the material for the duration of the internship. Under the terms of this agreement, the publisher may assign its rights.
While we will make reasonable attempts to ensure that no plagiarized content is published by us, if it is discovered that the author has not published their original work but has instead plagiarized, then the author shall have the sole liability arising out of that dispute and not the abhidhvaj law journal.
Those authors whose manuscripts are selected for publication must have to fill out the following copyright form and send it to [email protected] .

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