Publication Malpractice Policy

Ensuring adherence to ethical expectations is imperative for all contributing authors in research. Abhidhvaj Law Journal upholds rigorous global standards, expecting unwavering commitment from each party to maintain elevated ethical norms.

Authors submitting to the Abhidhvaj Law Journal are anticipated to voluntarily comply with the following international standards:

1. Authors must confirm that the submitted manuscripts are original and solely their own work.
2. Prohibited actions include plagiarism, duplicate publications, data fabrication and falsification, and redundant publication.
3. Authors are required to certify that the manuscript is unpublished elsewhere and is not under consideration for publication elsewhere.
4. Proper citation or quotation is mandatory when authors incorporate the work and/or words of others, identifying all sources used in manuscript preparation.
5. In the event of discovering a substantial error or inaccuracy in their published work, authors must promptly notify the Journal editor or publisher. Collaboration with the editor in retracting or correcting the paper is the author’s responsibility.



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