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Adv. Vaibhav Sangam Mishra

Adv. Vaibhav Sangam Mishra is a legal professional of exceptional merit, his accomplishments spanning a wide spectrum of legal endeavors. Currently positioned as a Jr. Law Trainee at the AGA 1st Court In-charge Office within the Lucknow High Judicature of Allahabad High Court, he brings a wealth of experience and expertise to his role.

As the Founder & CEO of Abhidhvaj Law Journal, Mr. Mishra demonstrates his visionary leadership and commitment to advancing legal discourse. His versatility shines through in his roles as a Researcher, Author, Arbitrator, and Defence specialist in the domain of Criminal Justice. His contributions have found a place on prestigious platforms, solidifying his reputation as an astute thinker and a practitioner of sound decision-making.

Mr. Mishra’s dedication extends beyond the confines of his office, as evidenced by his participation as a Jail Visit Trainee at Banki Jail, facilitated by the Banki Jail Superintendent. This initiative showcases his commitment to comprehensive research and analysis.

Additionally, he has embarked on numerous Pro Bono cases, emphasizing his belief in the importance of giving back to the community. He combines his innate analytical abilities with unwavering discipline, self-motivation, and focused attention, all underscored by remarkable interpersonal and communication skills honed over years of successful engagement in the legal realm.

His areas of expertise encompass a broad array of legal facets, from comprehensive legal research and Corporate Law to Real Estate and Criminal Advocacy. His proficiency extends to meticulous legal drafting, adept utilization of Microsoft Word, skillful article writing, and the mastery of effective communication techniques.

Mr. Mishra’s philosophy revolves around marrying theoretical knowledge with practical application, thus enriching his understanding of legal concepts through real-world experiences. He consistently seeks to exceed the most exacting standards, leveraging his confidence, reliability, and industrious nature to achieve outstanding outcomes.

Approaching each task with enthusiasm, he actively seeks opportunities for skill acquisition and diverse experiences, fostering both personal and professional growth. With an unwavering commitment to excellence, Mr. Vaibhav Sangam Mishra stands as an exemplary figure in the legal arena.

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Vaibhav Sangam Mishra - Jr. Law Trainee at AGA 1st Court In-charge Office, Lucknow High Judicature of Allhabad High Court. - Founder & CEO at Abhidhvaj Law Journal. - Researcher, Author, Arbitrator, Defence in Criminal Justice. - Number of Publication at Prestigious platforms. - Jail Visit Trainee for research and analysis purposes at Banki Jail appointed By Banki Jail Superintendent. - Pro Bono Cases Lawyering.