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 The term “Abhidhvaj” is a composite of two Sanskrit words, “Abhi” and “Dhvaj.” “Abhi” signifies “commencement,” and “Dhvaj” denotes “nation.” Consequently, “Abhidhvaj” encapsulates the concept of the inception or Beginning of Nation or initiation of a nation. It’s noteworthy that the term “Abhidhvaj” draws inspiration from the revered scripture, the Shrimad Bhagwat Geeta. Abhidhvaj Law Journal is an E-law journal, ISSN: 2583-6323 (Online), CODEN: ALJBBQ, [Indexed at J-GATE, Manupatra, Google Scholar & more than 10+ Databases]. Abhidhvaj Law Journal is a prestigious and well-respected publication in the legal community, and we are committed to maintaining the highest standards of academic excellence. The journal of ALJ Is determined to promote legal research among law students, lawyers, and others through publishing their manuscripts in the different issues and volume of our journal. ALJ Provides one of the best double peer blind review platforms for the publication of a short article, long article, book review, case comments, research paper & essay in the field of lex.


Navigating the Path to Legal Success. Embark on a journey towards legal excellence with our comprehensive boot camp. Gain vital insights into legal research techniques, courtroom advocacy, and effective communication strategies. Learn to negotiate, mediate, and uphold ethical standards in the legal profession. Discover the secrets to building a successful legal career, from setting goals to networking effectively. Our program emphasizes continuous learning and professional development, ensuring you stay ahead in the dynamic legal landscape. Join us and equip yourself with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive as a successful advocate. Limited seats available, so secure your spot now and embark on your path to legal success!

1- Legal Research Techniques:- Utilizing primary and secondary legal sources – Effective use of online databases and research tools – Analyzing case law and statutes for relevant information

2- Courtroom Etiquette and Advocacy Skills:- Professional conduct and demeanor in the courtroom – Presenting arguments confidently and persuasively – Handling objections and cross-examination techniques

3- Effective Communication Strategies: – Crafting compelling legal arguments – Developing strong oral advocacy skills – Enhancing written communication for legal documents

4- Negotiation and Mediation Skills: – Strategies for successful negotiation – Understanding interests and positions in mediation – Building consensus and resolving disputes effectively

5- Ethics and Professional Responsibility:- Understanding legal ethics and professional standards- Recognizing conflicts of interest and maintaining confidentiality- Upholding integrity and ethical conduct in legal practice

6- Building a Successful Legal Career:- Setting career goals and objectives- Networking and cultivating professional relationships- Navigating career paths and opportunities in the legal field

7- Continuing Education and Professional Development:- Importance of lifelong learning in the legal profession- Accessing resources for continuing legal education (CLE)- Staying updated on legal trends and developments I nteractive workshops led by seasoned legal professionals Practical exercises and case studies for hands-on learning Networking opportunities with fellow aspiring advocates Certificate of completion for all participants.


Dr. Sushil kumar Pandey

  • B.A., L.L.B., L.L.M. Ph.D.
  • Training of law at jail training institute,
  • Member of Oudh bar Association,
  • Ex retainer advocate District Legal aid authority Lucknow, Penal Counsel Power Corporation Uttar Pradesh Lucknow,
  • Additional government Advocate in High Court (AGA) Lucknow,
  • He has worked as an associate with a renowned company of legal consultants and advocate dealing in all faces of legal practice including holding of client’s interview drafting of motions, wills, deeds, writs.

It shall be an online event : It is open for Law Students, Lawyers, Advocates, Research Scholars, Teachers, Judges, Professionals and Academicians or for anyone who is in the field of law

Enrollment Fee: 1199 Rs only Payment Gateway- Note: Registration fee is not refundable at any cost unless the event is cancelled by the organizers.

Note: Interested candidates can apply for the course by submitting an online application/registration form.

Certificate of Completion: Each candidate enrolled for this course will be give an e-certificate of completion along with 7 Recorded Lecture. E-certificates will be issued within 2 to 6 days.

Registration Form Link: https://forms.gle/VHpB2pcbKk1Mjz429

Candidates can register for this Online Course only via Google Form. No other mode of registration is acceptable. 

Payment Method-

Please make the payment on the following methods:

GooglePay: 8726968088, UPI – mishravaibhavsangam-1@okhdfcbank or

Paytm: 8726968088, UPI – 8726968088@paytm

Bank Account Details:



Account No: 6027000100115382,

IFSC Code: PUNB0602700,

Once the payment is completed, kindly share a screenshot of the payment in the same thread of communication.

Members of editorial board-


Mr. Janmejay Singh

Honorary Members

  • Rajesh Kumar Verma
  • Taru Mishra
  • Jayanti Srivastava
  • Anita Yadav
  • Dakshita Sangwan
  • Ratan Singh Solanki
  • Ashutosh Hajel
  • Bandana Singh
  • Baidya Nath Mukherjee
  • Arun Kumar Singh
  • Parantap Kumar Das

Organizer details-

 Mr. Vaibhav Sangam Mishra

 (Founder & CEO of ALJ)

Convener of Event

Snehil Singh

 [Event Officer at ALJ]

 +91 7860188210


[email protected]

 [email protected]


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